Ultratech | Wired Introduces a New Collection

Introducing Wired, the newest collection in the Ultratech family featuring a pattern inspired by technology. Wired highlights a unique hand and matte finish that makes a dramatic statement.

Ultratech | Wired expresses how touch and color are interwoven. Its unique appeal encourages tactile interaction that must be felt.

Subtle layering of color provides depth of design. Parallel and perpendicular lines create a sense of movement.

Features include:

  • Enduring performance (14+ weeks hydrolysis results)
  • Ultimate softness for an unparalleled seating experience, created by our innovative engineering process
  • Optimal stain protection and ease of care

Wired’s prominent color palette of twelve fresh and timeless hues, offers wide-ranging design possibilities.

Watch the Wired Launch Video Below

For more information on how to clean Wired, click here